Arasan The Don – Rajini’s new film ??? – The Tamil Cinemahe don

The above “Arasan – The Don” tamil cinema advertisement was found on 13 February newspapers and also posters around Chennai city. is finding out more information about this new tamil cinema Arasan The Don advertisment. Meanwhile, fans can try to guess the possible answers and post it in our comment section.

Beside the “Arasan The DON” ad, there is this tamil cinema Baasha re-release advertisement. Is it related to Arasan The Don, Rajini new film, dubbed film, tv special show, gimmicks, etc? Just share with us!

Rajini’s tamil cinema poster “ARASAN THE DON” have been arising so many questions among the superstar Rajini fans. Now we have got the answer for this tamil cinema ad Arasan the Don.

Koon Ka Kaars was the name of hindi movie in which the superstar Rajini was the hero. This hindi cinema was a suoperhit for Rajini which was released in 1991.

This hindi cinema is going to be dubbed in tamil and released all over Tamil Nadu in the first week of March as Arasan The Don. This movie will be a big expectation for rajini fans as it was a superhit in hindi.

In this cinema along with Rajini , Vinodh Khanna, Dimple Kabbadia, Simgatkar, Sangeetha Bislani have acted. Mukul S.Anand has directed this cinema . The Music director for this cinema is Laxmi Kanth Pyarilal.

Rajini has acted as Mumbai Don in this cinema Arasan. As this movie was released in the time of tamil cinema THALAPATHI , Rajini appears in the same getup as in the tamil cinema Thalapathi.

The script of the movie is a very interesting one. Rajini and Sanjay Dutt are brought up in an orphanage. After they grow up they join with a Don and they too become Don. Do they become good , is the story of Arasan.

Rajini fans are eagerly waiting for this re-release in tamil after 17 years.

The Movie could be old , but its still Superstar’s movie…..

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